Conference Presentations

Please find below the presentations held at the BIOTALENT final EU Conference "

The BIOTALENT Project - Innovative education, the best investment to increase engagement in Science - Isabella Van de Velde, Project Coordinator, RBINS, Belgium

Everything you need to know about Erasmus+, the EU's education support programme - José Miguel Sousa, Director EduFor Training Centre, Portugal

Inquiry-based learning, the approach that makes your learning experience unique - Catherina Voreadou, Quality Assurance & Validation – Natural History Museum Crete-University of Crete, Greece

The Trojan horses of knowledge: how to teach biodiversity in a changing climate - Gergely Babocsay, Open Educational resources – Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary

5 Days on an island at the edge of Europe. Observing plants and reptiles in the Cretan countryside - Manolis Avramakis, Open Educational resources – Natural History Museum Crete-University of Crete, Greece

The BIOTALENT e-learning platform: discover, create and share - Carlos Rodrigues & Tine Geunis, Architecture and Programme development - EduFor / RBINS

BIOTALENT was made for you – time to put it into practice! - Ana Casino, Dissemination and valorisation – Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF)

You can also watch the BIOTALENT video on Youtube.

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