An essential endeavour in ensuring biodiversity preservation in the long term is to trigger societal change through environmental education. Improving the skills and competences of teachers in the field of biodiversity education has therefore become a high priority which involves setting up the right training schemes and building the necessary capacities. In this regard, BIOTALENT will provide a blended e-learning biodiversity training programme, which will effectively contribute to raise the level of biodiversity literacy for both teachers and students.

The main objectives of the BIOTALENT project are:

  1. To develop a blended learning model for adaptable modular training courses;
  2. To establish an open source virtual learning platform to deliver the e-content of the course;
  3. To deliver a pilot blended e-learning course on biodiversity;
  4. To train tutors and project Partners in the use of blended and e-learning techniques.

Our target audience:
- practising biology teachers and trainee teachers from secondary education;
- educators in science museums, botanical gardens, science centres and environmental organisations;
- biologists, rangers and conservation managers at nature reserves, national parks and civil organisations in the field of biodiversity conservation;
- young unemployed professionals who want to improve their competences;
- and the course is open to anyone interested in the topic wanting to partake in continuing professional development.

More specifically, the BIOTALENT training platform will support the learners in acquiring the right knowledge and skills to foster personal development, to raise professional competences and to integrate biodiversity issues at a higher proficiency level in their everyday work, both in educational and in conservational activities. Additional skills will also be taught to make participants more competitive in finding career opportunities in science-related business, facilitate employability and entry to the European labour market.

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