Make the most out of BIOTALENT

The project might have come to an end, but the course has not! That means that if you are interested in the living world and how climate change and biodiversity relate, you can still take the e-learning course developed in the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme. The course has been selected as a Best Practice example.

If you are a looking for resources to develop courses, you can also use BIOTALENT. Course templates are available to create your own Moodle courses.

All resources are now freely available to you on the BIOTALENT e-learning platform.

Cretan wildcat (Felis silvestris cretensis) ©NHMC-Trichas A.

BIOTALENT is a blended e-learning biodiversity training programme. Biodiversity and its protection can only be achieved by a strong investment in environmental education. BIOTALENT creates talent in biodiversity through innovative education and new skills to increase engagement in science.

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Project start: 01 September 2016 - end: 31 August 2019
Project Coordinator: Dr Isabella Van de Velde - RBINS

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