Conference Presentations and Photo Gallery

EU Conference Presentations

Biodiversity in a Changing Climate - Isabella Van de Velde

Presenting the BIOTALENT project
Architecture and Programme Development - Carlos Rodrigues
Open Educational Resources - Gergely Babocsay
Quality Assurance and Validation - Catherina Voreadou
Dissemination and Valorisation - Ana Casino

New Insights in Science Education
Inquiry-based Science Education - Franz Bogner
Best Practices in E-learning - Greg Kenicer
Innovation in Science Education - Evita Tasiopoulou

Welcoming statement by Camille Pisani, General Director of  RBINS

Isabella Van de Velde (BIOTALENT Project Coordinator, RBINS)

Isabella Van de Velde (RBINS) and Gergely Babocsay (Hungarian Natural History Museum)

Panel discussion, moderated by Dirk Draulans (Knack News Magazine)

Melina Kyametis (Natuurpunt CVN) and Dirk Draulans

Panel discussion on topics ranging from innovative education in relation to natural history collections, nature organisations and new methodologies, to knowledge and skills for the labour market, and student engagement in science.

From left to right: Tamás Vásárhelyi (Hungarian Society for Environmental Education), Willy Sleurs (Flemish Ministry of Education - AKOV), Sofoklis Sotiriou (Ellinogermaniki Agogi Center for Science Teachers Training, Athens), Isabella Van de Velde (BIOTALENT - RBINS), Melina Kyametis (Natuurpunt CVN), Dirk Draulans (Knack News Magazine)

Iasmi Stathi (Natural History Museum of Crete) joining in on the discussion

Coffee break

Tamás Vásárhelyi (Hungarian Society for Environmental Education)

Insects for lunch

Guided Tour of the Poison exhibition at the Museum of Natural Sciences (RBINS)

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