SAVE THE DATE - Tackling Biodiversity Challenges through Innovative e-Learning: The Case of BIOTALENT

Are you interested in science education, innovative e-learning? Are you looking for an online tool to study or to teach the connection between biodiversity and climate change?

Then join us at the final BIOTALENT EU Conference: Tackling biodiversity challenges through innovative e-learning: The case of BIOTALENT on 30 July 2019. During this a one-day event, we will present you the outcomes of the Erasmus+ BIOTALENT educational project. The great experiences, the lessons learnt, and – most importantly – how you can benefit from the project and its resources.

Please spread the word on this event by sharing it among your colleagues and educators at your institution and elsewhere.

When: July 30th, 2019

Where: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels

More info and programme to follow

See you there!

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