BIOTALENT Multiplier Event

On 5 September 2018, the BIOTALENT project hosted a large workshop for teachers in Mangualde, PT. Local hosts EduFor did a great job of recruiting teachers from Portugal leading to over 100 participants! In the morning they listened to presentations by José Miguel Sousa and Carlos Rodrigues of EduFor introducing the ERASMUS+ programme and the BIOTALENT e-learning platform. They were joined by project coordinator Isabella Van de Velde from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences who introduced the teachers to the BIOTALENT project and Catherina Voreadou from the Natural History Museum of Crete explaining the innovative educational approach being employed during the project, Inquiry-Based Learning. 

The presentations were:

You can watch them in the video below:

In the afternoon, the BIOTALENT course modules underwent a first stress test conducted by the participants. They tested the first course module on biodiversity and climate change. Their insights provided to the BIOTALENT staff on site and their questions will help tremendously putting the finishing touches on the course and improve the usability of the platform.

The feedback provided by the participants - obtained via a questionnaire - was overwhelmingly positive. All participants agreed that the course module was clearly structured and the materials of good quality. 

Below you can find a few impressions of the day.

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