BIOTALENT Educators Workshop followed by Transnational Project Meeting


BIOTALENT Multiplier Event and Transnational Project Meeting
Date: 5-7 September 2018
Venue: EduFor Training Centre, Mangualde, PT

In early September, the BIOTALENT consortium will once again convene to advance their e-learning project on climate change and biodiversity. This time, the blended e-learning programme will put to the test: In a workshop for teachers and educators committed to the protection of life on Earth on the 4th of September, participants will use the BIOTALENT course modules for the first time. This one-day event is a crucial event to test the platform, the learning method and the modules before the start of the course registration in September. 

The offices of EduFor are specifically suited to host this event as their courses usually directed to the integration of technologies in classroom context and Special Education offering a wide educational response to a differentiated educational route.

The day will start off with introductory presentations detailing BIOTALENT, the learning platform and the inquiry-based learning approach before participants will test different modules of the course. The full agenda can be found below.

The following two days, the project partners meet to discuss the progress of the project, the results of the workshop and to plan out the next steps including the course registration, the certification, and the course dissemination. 


9:30 Registration
9:45 Opening Session: Welcome and Aims of the Workshop José Miguel SOUSA, EduFor
10:00 ERASMUS+: The EU's programme to support Education and Training in Europe José Miguel SOUSA, EduFor
10:30 Presentation of the BIOTALENT Project Isabella VAN DE VELDE, Project Coordinator, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 The BIOTALENT e-learning platform Carlos RODRIGUES, EduFor
12:00 The inquiry-based learning approach implemented in the BIOTALENT Course Catherina VOREADOU, Natural History Museum of Crete - University of Crete
12:30 Lunch  
14:00 Group Workshops: BIOTALENT Course Modules  
16:00 Closure of the event  
16:15 Guided Tour to "Edufor Innov@ative Classroom Lab" (Optional)

Groups audience: 
- Private group -
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